Use Your Personalized Dictionary with Microsoft office word.

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Microsoft Word comes along with a strong dictionary and spell checker. It’s really simple to add new phrases to MS’s default option standard dictionary as well. When MS comes across a word that is not in this default dictionary, the right click pop-up menu asks whether you’d like to Add to Dictionary. Next time, MS will know how to correct the mis-spelling of that specific word. When you are writing about an extremely esoteric topic, or maybe when you are utilizing many international phrases or jargon, or working on a temporary project, you might wish to keep the default option custom dictionary as is and generate your very own project unique customized dictionary. When the project is done, you might wish to eliminate it from your computer completely.
The way to create your very own customized dictionary?

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Microsoft Office Is The Second Biggest Cause Of Microsoft’s Success

 Microsoft office - secret of success
Client preview of Microsoft office 2016 is available. The official Microsoft office 2016 may be launched later in 2013. Microsoft office is the second biggest cause of Microsoft’s success. After MS office 2013 it’s the turn of MS office 2016 to rule the market. Lets discuss what are the new attributes of MS office 2016 in order that we may all determine whether to use 2013 variation or remain with our old 2010 or 2007 or 2013 variation. Ms Office 2016 is so unique since the Microsoft team is smart enough to think the keys of success for Apple and Google and follow them, yes its true.

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